All the jewelry featured in KNL Jewelry Shop is the creation of one artist, Linda McCants-Stephan.  Linda developed a love of jewelry making under the guidance of a close  friend and mentor in the 1990s, learning simple techniques such as bead stringing, and wire wrapping  and eventually metal fabrication, soldering, and casting.  Born and raised in the Midwest, Linda draws her inspiration from the craftsmanship of Native American jewelry and the simplistic, yet bold styles of Bohemia jewelry to create one of kind creations.  She designs her work to bring out the natural of the beauty of the element she's working with. Materials used to create her visions are leaves, cowrie shells, and gemstones. She also uses sterling silver, gold filled, copper, bronze, brass. and stainless steel Where applicable, fine silver or gold-plated metals are used in some designs and will be